Banner printing tips: Getting the best out of your banner

Getting your ad printed is one thing, but planning how it should be printed along with all the other details isn’t as easy as it may seem. That’s why we decided to create this article to give you some helpful tips on how to get the best out of your sticker.

  • Your banner reflects the image of your company

Like any good marketing expert will say, your banner says so much about your company image so I pretty much suggest that your banner should reflect the quality of your service or your business. Make sure that every detail in your banner coordinates with your business.

  • Choose the best format for your banner

You should determine firsthand what type of format you’d like for your banner, whether it’s horizontal or vertical. To make a decision you should consider few things such as how it should be placed or how it will be mounted.

  • Size really matters

There are different sizes of banners, and you should know which one to choose for your ad before having it printed. Make sure to choose a banner size that will suit its design. For promos and new businesses, oversized banner works well and can instantly get anyone’s attention.

  • Easy-to-read fonts get the job done

The style of the font and it size plays a great role to make one ad effective. Use clear and simple fonts that are easy to read such as Arial and Sans Serif fonts. Always remember to include space between each line so onlookers can read it easily.

  • Colors are important

Colors have the magic to attract anyone’s eye if used the right way, and this is a fact you should use to make your advertisement effective. Bright colors work well in attracting attention but remember not to use this too much on your banner. Play with your design’s colors and always remember the rule of contrast.

  • Less is more

To make your message come as strong as possible, remember to keep everything else simple. Remember that when it comes to banner printing, your main goal is to focus the attention of onlookers to your promotion, not to its design. A cluttered banner ad wouldn’t work well compare to a simple and clean ad.